A Holiday Wish

Where Can We Best Reach You?

By this time in year’s past, we would’ve delivered chocolate in support of our favorite arts education organization, Kansas City Young Audiences.

But sadly, with COVID, delivery logistics are messy at best.

Update us on where we can best find you and we’ll send something for the new year that’s 1.) sweet (perhaps literally AND figuratively), 2.) helps a purpose or cause, and 3.) supports local business (we’re seeing too many close shop because of the pandemic).

Share your preferred address, we’ll share something sweet ?

Again, we’re honored you’ve chosen us to be a trusted sidekick in your quest for success. If we helped you navigate the trials of 2020, the faith you put in our team has not been lost on us. When the clock strikes midnight, we’ll be ready again to work through the challenges, share in the laughs, and celebrate the wins of 2021.

To you and yours, a happy holidays and prosperous new year!