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Podcast listenership has more than doubled over the past five years. Plus a show can extend influence beyond a brand’s typical reach, make for a consumer-friendly medium, and offer a low-cost investment.

Why Podcasting?

  • Brand Personality — Format can humanize a brand: You’re giving a true voice to your organization.
  • Engagement — Combination of high tech and humanizing elements allow people to build a relationship with you and your brand.
  • Growth — Future of content. More than 56% of Gen Z is listening. And 65% buy a product after hearing about it on a podcast.
  • Portable — Mobile device anyone? Go where your clients and prospects go. Over 64% of audiences listen in transit.
  • Easy — on you, listeners and guests (if you decide to have them). After nearly 400 shows, 99% of published authors told us they’d rather speak to us than write us a guest blog post.
  • Cost — Compared to other marketing efforts, it’s inexpensive.

You have an opportunity to get in early — as only 15% of brands podcast. 

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