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A month or so back, Kansas City-based Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), publisher of the Posh brand of adult activity and coloring books, launched a new adult coloring club and community called Posh Coloring Studio in partnership with Meredith media, publishers of Better Homes and Gardens and Martha Stewart Living.

He: No snark from me this time out. Just some facts about the adult coloring trend and the Posh service. You can insert your own snark about how adult coloring is … a thing … in the comments if you’d like.

Why I’m Excited About Posh Coloring Studio

Both and Brent and I truly enjoy spending time with our kids. And one of my 11-year-old daughter’s (“D”) favorite pastimes is art. When she’s not drawing pugs (a component of every signature of every card she signs — birthdays, holidays, anniversaries … you name it), she’s coloring.

Together we’ve recently colored 404 Not Found: A Coloring Book by The Oatmeal (one of “D’s” favorite games is Exploding Kittens) and Good Dog!: A Dog Lover’s Coloring Book.

A pug creation by 10-year-old “D”

And when she’s not coloring on paper, she’s using the iPad and the Apple Pencil. A favorite app of our’s is Pigment.

We all remember the nostalgia of coloring as a kid. Fortunately, coloring is making a resurgence with adults, as well. (Apparently, there are health benefits in the form of stress reduction.).

He: Adult coloring books are especially popular with Millennial women. Some 33% of 18- to 24-year-old women have bought a coloring book. Of that group, 66% color weekly.

How Does Posh Coloring Studio Work?

Credit: Posh Coloring Studio and @colorbookingvideos

Posh Coloring Studio is a a new adult coloring club and community made available by Kansas City-based Andrews McMeel Universal (AMU), publisher of the Posh brand of adult activity and coloring books, and Meredith media.

He: A membership to Posh is available for a free week trial. Members pay $5.99 or $7.99 a month — you receive a price break when you select the annual plan over the quarterly plan.

The site launched with more than 1,000 designs available to download and print. About 50 new designs, with varied themes will be uploaded to each month. The themes include Activities, Animals, Architecture, Around the World, Fashion, Nature, Patterns, Seasonal, Soothing and Spirituality.

The site and corresponding blog, which can be found under the Inspiration section provides coloring tips, tricks and techniques, news about the latest coloring trends and ideas.

A Coloring Community for Everyone

The site offers coloring tips and inspiration for everything from wanderlust to spiritual to every day life. Here are a few examples:

Good friends of ours recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam so I was feeling this pic and color palette. Posh put together an entire post about travel-inspired color palettes from 15 locations around the world.

Now to every day life. For a kick, my sister often gives a fake name when she goes to Starbucks. The joke several times has been on her, as she’s forgotten said fake name and almost not gotten her coffee … or worse yet, setting it down on a community table and not being sure which to pick up. With Posh’s post about coffee coloring cups, there’s no mistaking which one is your cup of joe: Coloring…Cups? Here are Our Favorite Starbucks #SpringCups Doodles!

This is the idea of Posh Social Communities — members can connect through social communities and share their work and ideas with fellow Posh Coloring Studio subscribers.

He: Adult coloring books continue to top bestseller lists, with an estimated 12 million sold in the U.S. in 2015, according to Nielsen Bookscan. They are increasingly used to help adults reduce stress and promote overall wellness.

Try Posh Coloring Studio

You can try Posh for a week free. After that, you can pay as little as $5.99 a month to become a member — my sister is paying more daily in mislabeld Starbucks coffee.