For all you digital communication enthusiasts, today is a holiday you may want to add to your calendar: World Emoji Day. July 17 may seem totally arbitrary, but it’s actually the chosen date for a very good reason. On many of the most popular emoji platforms — including Apple, Google, and Samsung — the single-date calendar emoji displays July 17.

Aside from being straight-up fun, emojis can actually be a powerful tool when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Regardless of whether your brand or business is using them, you can be certain that your audience is. Each day, five billion emojis are sent on Facebook Messenger alone (Adweek).

Talking Emoji Strategy

Adding emojis to your marketing efforts — from email campaigns to social media and more — can add a personal touch and a level of familiarity in the eyes of your consumers. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, 56% of brands using emojis in their email subject lines had a higher unique open rate.

Tweets with emojis see 25% more engagement, while Facebook posts can expect 57% more likes and 33% more shares and comments (Hubspot). Study participants also consistently rated online chat experts who used emojis as friendlier and more competent.

It’s clear that emojis can pay big dividends in more ways than one. But when it comes to integrating emojis into your brand’s digital presence, it’s important that it feels natural for you and for your audience. Overdoing it could confuse your message or come off as inauthentic.

Keep these emoji best practices in mind:

  • Understand your target audience’s emoji usage and preferences.
  • Understand the meaning of the emoji you’re using.
  • Be sure the context in which you’re using the emoji is clear to your audience.
  • Don’t force it — it should feel natural
  • Generally, use emojis as a complement to your message, not as the foundation.

In Celebration of World Emoji Day … ?

In order to mark the occasion of World Emoji Day, we asked some of our team members to share their favorite emojis … and why.

Brent B.

?‍♂️ — I totally embody the face palm emoji because I’m ALWAYS doing dumb stuff and having to put the genie back in the bottle.
? — Did I say I do dumb stuff. The halo is for when I’m INTENTIONALLY doing dumb stuff (like mad scientist experiments). This expresses my full awareness of such behavior.
? — Podcasting is one of our specialties – And a personal passion of mine. I throw out the old school mic emoji often as a show of respect. Though now … I actually need to purchase that retro-looking mic (my real ones sound great but are SO boring).
? — Hope is not a plan. I truly believe that. But a little good luck never hurt anyone, and this is my expression of please, please, please. It worked — that and a voodoo candle (long story) — to get my Kansas City Chiefs their first Super Bowl win in 50 years.
? — Cheers! Could this be the new handshake of a post-pandemic era? (Provided we clink glasses BEFORE drinking). As a Certified Craft Beer Enthusiast (that’s not really a thing, though we wish), the beer cheers is a staple in my emoji arsenal.

Cathy R.

? — Almost always used in sets of three during my constant group-texting with my two best friends from college, who I think are the funniest people in the world.
?? — When I’m past the point of three laughing emojis, and there’s some hilariously unfortunate aspect of whatever is so funny. Usually used in a laughing-at-myself sort of way.
?? — Spain flag emoji! Since I spent the past two years in Spain, this was one I’ve used a lot, especially on Instagram posts of dreamy castles and cobblestone streets.
? — I send this one to friends and family a lot, particularly in the past few years when I wasn’t around to actually show physical affection.
? — I think this was the OG emoji that had his hand showing. Look at that sassy little guy who does not have time for your BS. He’s calling you out because he does NOT believe you. I use this on my friends to make them mad.

Sasha S.

? — My literal face in person when I’m scrolling through TikTok and I see a heartfelt video. Yes, I have all the feels.
? — Perpetually used for when I’m questioning someone else via text, social etc. Kind of a “what the heckinbob are you talking about?”
? — I use this almost every day, it’s my “I’m excited! But also slightly nervous” smile. This is usually when the anxiety creeps in.
? — The G.O.A.T. — How else would I be able to virtually show my annoyance for idiotic things? Mic drop.
? — This one is primarily used for when I make a big mistake and I can’t even fathom that I made such mistake.

Matt T.

? — This one came up as my most used, which goes to show how much I enjoy a good laugh, even if it’s at my own expense.
? — My second most used emoji is this face for when I’m saying something that I probably shouldn’t be, which I guess happens more often than I thought.
? — I would have put this emoji at the end of the previous sentence, and is used all the time in very similar circumstances when I come to yet a self-deprecating realization.
? — Frequently used when I’m geeking out about something, which happens most often about camera or new tech gear.
? — I use this when I’m questioning someone about their reasoning behind the decision they’ve just made, which is all the time.

Tia S.

? — Because I think it’s funny and relatable. It’s a good emoji to make me laugh in what’s likely an awkward situation.
? — Because I think it’s important to remember to be silly and have fun!
? — Because tomatoes are my favorite food!
? — Because ice cream is my other favorite food.
? –Because going to concerts is my favorite thing to do. Missing them right now!

Elyssa B.

? — The best for saying “I see that/or you” like calling someone out in a joking manner. Secondary is ? but this one’s gone out of style.
? — Fun for fake flirting with friends! It’s always ironic. If someone uses it unironically… it’s not completely a dealbreaker but it’s noted.
✨??? — I use this group to add a little splash of positivity to a text or add breaks where I don’t want to use punctuation. Punctuation equals the death of friendship. ✨✨
? — Great for leaning into the awkwardness of a conversation and saying something that’s out of your comfort zone as well.
⚡ — Adds a little zing to a text like slapping on a little fun edge but also implying there’s time associated with it. I would use this when I’m asking someone for something. (e.g. can u venmo me that 5 from fuzzy’s ⚡⚡)

Taylor H.

? — I can use this when I’m truly excited AND when I’m being sarcastic.
?? — Respond with this and you don’t even have to say words.
?? — I use these when I admit something embarrassing about myself.
? — When I think I’m being sly.
? — A nice alternative to the generic smile emoji when I’m answering client or potential client DMs.

Cole M.

? — Always use with friends when they send me something funny.
? — Like you use it whenever I’m getting work done or just finished something.
?‍♂️ — Used whenever someone does something stupid.
? — Like to use when someone does something that they shouldn’t have.
? — Used mainly when I can’t hang with my friends.

Grant B.

? — When someone says something stupid in a group chat.
? — Use when asking for a favor or just being weird.
? — For friends birthday posts on snap.
? — Can be used to ask a favor or apologizing for something you did.
?? — For when you’re really begging for something.

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